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The perfect solution to achieve healthy & radiant skin with Anaghaya Global Wellness Face Cream. Our nourishing Ayurvedic cream is the ultimate solution to combat dull, parched, & uneven skin caused by aging & harsh environmental factors. Pamper your skin with the finest ingredients that work together to deeply moisturize, soften, & protect your skin, leaving it looking & feeling soft, smooth, & clear. Say goodbye to lackluster skin & embrace a radiant complexion with Anaghaya Global Wellness Face Cream.


English Ingredients: Indigenous Cow milk, Sandalwood, Country mallow, Shell lac, cuscus grass, Sesame Oil, Sandalwood, cuscus grass, Liquorice, Dill seeds, Picrorrhiza, Himalayan cedar, Turmeric, Indian Costus root, Indian madder, Eagle wood, Indian Winter cherry, Country mallow, Indian barberry, White nishoth, Nut grass, Radish, Cardamom, True cinnamon tree,  Ceylon Ironwood, Indian camphorweed, Shell lac, Spiked ginger lily, Joy Perfume Tree, Indian kino tree, Indian Sarsaparilla, Black salt, Rock salt, Beeswax, Sandalwood.

Hindi Ingredients: Gau dugdha, Shweta Chandana, Bala, Laksha, Lammajaka(Usheer), Tila taila, Chandana, Ushira, Yashtimadhu, Satahva (suva), Katuki, Devadaru, Haridra, Kustha, Manjistha, Agaru, Hribera, Bala, Daru haridra, Murva, Musta, Mulaka, Ela (Elachi), Twaka, Nagakeshara, Rashna, Laksha, Shati, Champaka, Vijaysara, Sariva, Sauvarchala lavana, Saindhava lavana, Madhuchistha, Sandalwood Oil.

Benefits: Desi cow milk combined with sandalwood gives moisturizing cooling stress relieving effects on facial skin.

How to use: Apply on clean face and massage gently. Leave on.

FAQ: Is it safe for children-YES.

 Without petroleum jelly or harmful chemicals.

100% natural.

 Can we use for babies- YES.

 Shelf Life:- 3 YEARS

Seasonal changes may appear in color & texture of product. 

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Customer Reviews

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Gunjan Amrit kocharr
Super rich and deep texture!

It’s absolutely one of the best ever creams which lifts my skin and mood as it has beautiful essence of sandalwood which calms the nervous system along with the richness of ayurveda knowledge! Super happy


Best Product