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Anaghaya Panchagavya Ghrit is a product made from the five cow products that constitute Panchagavya, an ancient Indian traditional medicine. The product contains Indigenous Cow’s Milk Ghee, Urine-Dung Curd, and other essential nutrients that offer proper nutrition to the body.

Indigenous Cow’s Milk Ghee is a rich source of healthy fats that help in the proper functioning of the body. Urine-Dung Curd is a combination of curd made from cow's milk and urine-dung extracts. This mixture is believed to have various medicinal properties that can help in maintaining a healthy body and mind.

The Anaghaya Global Wellness Panchagavya Ghrit product is suitable for individuals who prefer natural or traditional medicine to support their overall wellness. This product is an excellent alternative for those who want to incorporate natural ingredients into their diet and lifestyle.


English Ingredients. Cow dung, Cow's urine, A2 cow ghee, Cow's milk, cow milk Curd.

Hindi Ingredients. Gobar, Gaay ka mutra, Ghee, Gaay ka dudh, Dahi.

Benefits. Insomnia, Depression, Epilepsy. Cognitive support, memory support, Immune support.

How to use. Take one spoon ghrit on empty stomach.

FAQ. 100% Natural-YES  

 Made with A2 cow ghee & milk.         

 Anyone can eat it .

Shelf Life:- 2 YEARS

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