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Foot massage oil - Classical Ayurvedic “Bala” oil formulation is a sesame based formulation that relaxes muscle and strengthening bones along side lubricating the ligaments & joints


English Ingredients. Cow's milk, Country mallow, (Bengal Quince, Wind killer, White teak, Indian trumpet tree, Rose flower fragrant, African egg plant, Sal leafed desmodium, Febrifuge plant, caltrop, Dabra), Barley, Plum, Horsegram, Sessame oil, Liquorice Root, Intermediate habenaria, Sweet flag, Indian bay leaf, Indian valerian rhizome, Climbing asparagus, Indian Dill Fruit, White dammar, Indian sarsaparilla, Chir pine,Long leaved pine, Porcupine flower, Adder mouth orchid, Intermediate habenaria, Red sandalwood, Hogweed, Wild bean, Whorled solomon's seal, Blue wiss, Indian madder, Solomon's seal, Costus root, White himalayan lily, Black creeper, Purple roscoe lily, Cork swallow wort, Microstylis wallichii, Spikenard, Cardamom fruit, Himalayan cedar, Winter cherry, Eagle wood.

Hindi Ingredients. Gau dugdha, Bala, (Bael, Arni, Gambhari, Sona patha, Padhal, Badikateri, Salparni, Katali, Gokhru, Dabra), Jav, Ber, Kulathi, tila tail, Mulethi, Vriddhi, Bach, Tejapatta, Tagar, Satavar, Sova, Sarja, Anantmoola, Sarala, Vajradanti, Rishabhaka, Riddhi, Rakta chandan, Gadhapurna, Mudgaparni, Devamani, Mashaparni, Manjitha, Mahameda, kut, Kalihari, Kali dudhi, Kakoli, Dodishak, Jivaka, Jatamansi, Elaichi, Deodar, Ashgandha, Agar.

Benefits. Nourishes the skin Promotes restful sleep Rejuvenates mind and body Makes skin brighter & smoother Deeply moisturize the skin Reduce irritation.

How to use. Take a few drops of oil and massage your feet one by one .
Massage with firm hands and apply the oil on your soles between the toes, and in the front.

Press each toe gently and stroke the length of your foot.

FAQ. Without any chemical.

100% natural.

Is it safe for children- YES

Shelf life. 3 YEARS

Seasonal changes may appear in color & texture of product. Glass bottle handle with care.

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